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Craps Strategies To Help You Win
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It is fair to say that craps is an extremely simple game and this is a big factor in why it is such a popular game for casino players. The game plays out between a player and the house so you don’t need to worry about what other players are doing. For people who dislike the psychology that is involved with poker, this is sure to be a positive element for them. When it comes to craps, it is all about hitting a seven with a roll of two dice which means that a 3-4, 2-5 or a 1-6 would be perfect.

The Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets are the two main bets for players and it is easy to see why these should be the bets that new players stick to. This means your first strategies for playing craps should always revolve around pass line and don’t pass line bets.

It is a good tactic to stick to the pass line bets when playing craps as a beginner. Do not attempt to carry out a pass line bet after there has been a come out roll. It is fair to say that a gamble is most commonly placed on this line so this is where the basic strategies will be based upon. A good starting strategy is to wait until a point has been determined before making your bet. When this has been determined, you should place two bets on 5, 6 and 8 and then place one bet on to the field.

This may be seen as a risky strategy but it stands to provide a great benefit and the thinking behind the strategy is that on average, a roller will roll the dice five times before they are able to roll a 7.

Another strategy is the 68 Play and this begins when a point is made and then waiting for the shooter to roll the dice an additional time. A player should then wager $18 on both the six and the eight, giving them a total investment of $36. After a 6 or an 8 has been made, the player should ask the dealer for $22 inside and then on the following hit, the player should request that the dealer take down 5 and 9.

The game should then play out the roll for 3 more rolls and then they should bring down the 6 and 8.

It is important to remember that there is no craps strategy that is fool-proof and there is no such thing as a guaranteed win at the craps table. However, with a very minimal house edge, it is easy to see why so many people take to the craps table in the hope of winning.

With many different craps strategies to choose from, the important thing is to find one that appeals to you and then stick with this strategy for the rest of your playing time. Becoming impatient will see any benefit lost and will guarantee you lose out on your money.

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